CAC 1070 vs CAC 2070 vs CAC 1080 for VR Setup

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Hello, I recently bought a VR Headset (WMR Samsung Odyssey+ [2880×1440@60/90Hz]) and have had some trouble getting it to work in the recent weeks. Now, Im relatively certain that I was able to resolve pretty much all software based issues and are now (again) looking for an DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 a adapter that can feed my O+ with 2880×1440 4:2:2 at 90Hz. 

I also had purchased the CAC 1070 a few weeks back, and it did work sometimes, but just not very consistently, which I believe is due to power limits of the adapter. [HDMI has 5V, DP 3,3 both @ 0,5A I think] [The Adapter has to push the signal from my DP 1.2 port over the 5m (16,4 feet) long cable of the Headset.

My question at this point is, if the CAC 1080 or the CAC 2070 may be better suited for my Setup?

Also, I cant really seem to figure out what the difference between the CAC 1070 and the CAC 2070 is…

Any help with is very much appreciated! Thank you for your time!

Best Regards,



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Hello Rigsly,

the diffrence between the CAC-1070 and CAC-2070 is pure cosmetic, however the diffrence between the CAC-1070 and the CAC-1080 is that the CAC-1080 is able to send out an HDR signal.

for the full output of the CAC-1080 you might want to contact [email protected]


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