CAC-1073, gtx770, & Samsung UN40KU6290D = NO 60hz

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1 on 03-02-2017

I have a CAC-1073 adapter with latest firmware, GTX770 with latest drivers, and a Samsung
UN40KU6290D. I can get 4k 4.4.4. resolution at 30hz but not 60hz. The TV is running HDMI 1 (renamed as PC) with HDR enabled. Im running win10 and a hackintosh. Neither OS can run 60hz.

On the PC I’ve tried creating custom resolutions, various options but all say FAILED. On a few reboots I got a black screen with green flickers and the TV said it was getting 60hz but no picture.
On the hackintosh; I’m runnign screenresx. I’ve set a 4k setting at 30hz and 60hz. The 60hz will not work.

Other people have no issues with this TV running 4k, 4.4.4. and 60hz with a similiar club-3d adapter. I’m thinking it might be defective? Any thoughts?

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0 on 08-02-2017

Hi thewired1,

i think it is your kepler GPU that is not able to do it.
I mean Kepler based Grpahics is not working (well) with DP-to-HDMI converters at all, where as newer GPU’s do not seem to have that issue …

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