CAC-1080 having issues with 5120×1440 32:9 display

Updated on 22-02-2022 in Adapters and Cables
3 on 21-02-2022

When I use the CAC-1080 on my 5120×1440 display, I would constantly get connectivity issues mainly after the monitor has been off for a longer period of time (30min+). 


It would either:
-displays my 5120×1440@60Hz output fine

-gives me a black screen

-triggers nvidia failsafe mode for the monitor


I’m currently using driver version 497.29 on my RTX2070 since I see that nvidia is having the failsafe issues on the 5xx.xx drivers. Are there any settings I need to change to prevent this or does the adapter not fully support 5120×1440?

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2 on 21-02-2022

It should support 5120×1440@60Hz 8/10 bits no problem, it’s not a bandwidth issue afaik. Have you tried a different DP port or an other HDMI2.0 cable yet? Is the CAC-1080 heating up?

on 22-02-2022

I’ve tried another port and cable and it would still be the same, plugging in to hdmi directly bypassing the adapter would work.


The cac-1080 seems to just be a “cool warm”, definitely not warm or hot.

on 22-02-2022

As you are not trying to achieve 4K120hz I would still try the new Nvidia drivers. Windows is fully updated as well?

Have tried a different Resolution just to test if the outcome is the same?

How “old” is the CAC-1080?

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