CAC-1080: issues… greenish hue after modeswitch, no audio

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Hi all,

Maybe i’m doing something wrong or i’m old and blind but…. please help 😉 I have HTPC based on Intel UHD 630 (Pentium Gold 5500) and recently bought CAC-1080 adapter to have full 4K experience over DP->HDMI 2.0. Windows 10, all latest drivers + bios for mobo. My av receiver is Yamaha RX-V483 and TV is Panasonic CX700e model. All 4K supported, all tested and worked well on the previous setup I had (Pentium J4205 mobo)

I have few issues with the adapter itself…  it works well with [email protected] . But when I switch screenmode to 24p or any other, I got “greenish hue” on the screen. It disapears only when switch back to 60p resolution. This happens near most of the time BUT sometimes I get no greenish hue during mode switch but I can’t really repeat the scenario to have no issue. I have reinstalled Intel drivers. No change.

Also – I see no option to work with YCbCr color space. On 60p screenmode there is no choice at all in the drivers. In 24p – the mode can be choosen and enabled, but then… black screen and autorevert to previous option when YCbCr is disabled….

And last one issue – no passthrough audio or random no audio at all. Sometimes everything works as expected, sometimes no audio or no passthrough audio. Silence.

Frankly, i’m quite worried about randomness of the issues. Is this converter firmware issue or something else can be wrong?

Thanks! Tomek

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handled by [email protected]

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