CAC-1085 and HDMI POWER CABLE -> Is it supported?

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I use a CAC-1085 for DP1.4 to HDMI2.1 8k 422 30Hz.

Source is a RTX4000 (Windows 10), sink is a SAMSUNG QE55Q700TAT tv.

With the CLub3D HDMI2.1 cable it works, but with a active 20m cable (Inakustik Certified HDMI2.1) it is limited to FHD (but 8k is possible in the Nvidia control panel).

Inakustik warns me about power delivered by the source, for higher resolution it can be about 5V/400mA! There nothing about the power delivered by the CAC-1085.

I already asked the support, no reply at this moment.

Anyone knows about this point?

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2 on 16-02-2022

As far as I’m aware a HDMI cable transfers a real small amount of current.

But the CAC-1085 requires power from the USB cable, to power the adapter. Should not be more than 3v.

Club 3D specifically mentions the following on their site:

Note: Cable should meet 8K60Hz specs(or above) and should not exceed 2 m / 6.56 ft

I think you can stretch it to 3 meters max, but 20 meters seems abit far for the adapter.

on 16-02-2022

Hi Baak,

20m is an active optical cable, not a standard copper cable.

The recommandation of Club3d is for data rate compatibilty, I think. From this point, the active optical cable is certified.

on 17-02-2022

The HDMI optical cable alone works from GPU to TV.

The CAC-1085 with Club3d cable works.

But CAC-1085 with optical cable is limited to 4k.


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