CAC-1085 + CAC-1370 Shows HDMI sparkles on UHD 10bit content from HTPC

1 on 15-07-2021
I’ve recently purchased a new HTPC with a Asus ROG Gaming B560M-Plus motherboard and an i5-11600 CPU, I’ve also purchased a new 55″ LG C1 OLED TV. 
The motherboard has DP1.4 port (which the CPU supports) and when I plug the CAC-1085 to my TV using the CAC-1370 I can see in the windows display settings (windows 10, newest version and fully updated) that I am getting a display of 4K@60hz with 10bit RGB.
The only issue is that whenever I play 10bit 4K content from my PC I get HDMI sparkles – is there any way you could help? I’m not looking for more from my setup (display wise), so anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated.
Would be happy to provide any additional details you may need.
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0 on 15-07-2021

Hi Tempopo,

Is there anyway for you to film these “sparkles” ?

Even tho the i5-11600 supports 4K over DP I can’t find anywhere if either your CPU or motherboard support DCS1.2 compression.

By “play” do you mean play a game or play a video?

Do you also get the sparkles when going direct from motherboard HDMI into TV HDMI?


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