CAC-1085 not working with AMD 5700XT

1 on 11-11-2020
I have the CAC-1085 with your 2 meter hdmi cable (CAC-1372) and the 5700xt AMD GPU. I am connecting to an LG CX OLED 48″ display.
The GPU drivers are up-to-date, it supports DP 1.4 and has successfully used Displaystream Compression in the past on other monitors.
The LG display is up-to-date and in the proper mode to receive 444 in 120hz (it’s in PC mode).
The adapter works and is plugged into a power supply. The HDMI cable supports 48gbps (it is Club3D’s own HDMI cable).
Even with all this, I cannot get the adaptor to work properly. It seems like the Displaystream Compression chip in the adaptor is not being recognized, so the bandwidth is being limited to [email protected]
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0 9 hours ago

Bandwidth shouldn’t be limited to HDMI 2.0 rates through a DP 1.4 port on your 5700 XT or there is other software/hardware issues elsewhere with your card.

I have the same display, although using a GTX 1660. If you are getting a black screen when trying to change to 4k @ 120hz, try unplugging/replugging the adapter and even if the resolution/refresh rate shows its already selected, try selecting it again as the adapter can be finicky and tries to read the display mode before waiting for the user to confirm the change.

DP 1.4 can provide up to [email protected] 8-bit 4:4:4  RGB color without the need for DSC (~32gbps). So unless you use [email protected] 10-bit 4:4:4 RGB color, there shouldn’t be any DSC involved.

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