CAC-1085 ON PS5

Updated on 04-01-2022 in Adapters and Cables
4 on 03-01-2022

Any advice or other cable you couöd tell me about?? So i got g5 odyssey samsung 1.4 dp monitor im using on ps5 hdm 2.1 seema like this cable doesnt work between ps5 and my monitor. All the help is very appreciated! : ))

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3 on 03-01-2022

The CAC-1085 is DP -> HDMI and not other way around, it will not work.

Best solution at the moment is the CAC-1331;

Does not support 4K120Hz but does support 4K60Hz

on 03-01-2022

So should i just use hdmi to hdmi with good cable ? Will it do the exact same thing. I mean i got hdmi 2.0 in the monitor ofc as well as dp 1.4

on 03-01-2022

Ao i basically need cac-1331 and additional display port 1.4 cable to plug this cac-1331 into my monitor

on 04-01-2022

If the display has HDMI 2.0 I’d go for a certified cable, yes.


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