CAC-1085 Only Displaying 4K60HZ, RTX 2080ti and LG 48C1

4 on 07-02-2022

I just bought a CAC-1085 and it will only display 4K60hz, i’ve tried a few different version of Nvidias display driver but the best I can get is 4K60hz RBG 10bit color 

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3 on 08-02-2022

Which drivers did you try?

There are more reports on the forum that the latest drivers of Nvidia broke the 4K120Hz again,

Have you tried these drivers?

Make sure to DDU your current drivers first!


on 15-02-2022

so far i’ve tried 456.55,456.98,456.71,511.23,511.72 and 511.65

I give the drivers you linked a shot 

on 16-02-2022

Good luck, let me know if it worked


on 07-03-2022


When did you purchase your CAC-1085? It might be you a have an older firmware version.

Contact [email protected] to request a firmware update

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