CAC-1085 + rtx 2070 super + lg C9 no affichage

3 on 04-05-2021

bonjour, je vien se recevoir ladaptateur après le branchement aucun affichage (pas de signal). jai donc essayé d’autre sortie vidéo sur ma carte, dautre port usb d’allimentation et rien ne change!! pas d’affichage! j’ai un cable hdmi 2.1 en fibre optique qui coute un bras ça ne vient certainement pas de ca…. mes pilote sont tous a jour. avez vous des pistes??? MERCI

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2 on 04-05-2021

Hi Remi,

Please keep it English on these forums 🙂 (Thankfully to Google Translate I can help I hope).

Have your tried connecting with a different cable other than the “HDMI 2.1” aoc cable? See if that works?

What HDMI2.1 AOC cable do you use?


on 04-05-2021

Hello, thank you for your answer. I am using a CABLEDECONN 8K 2.1 Optic 30ft cable and it ‘s not working. actually with another common 2.0 cable it works. i need this adapter because the hdmi port of my graphics card is screwed up … so, it works in 1440p 120hz HDR. at first glance it’s cool that I didn’t need a higher resolution! but i have two problems which are very big for me. the adapter is not g-sync compatible, and in addition to that the sound does not work in 5.1, in dolby atmos either, and even in stereo I cannot exceed 16bits 48000Hz. disappointing all the same ….

on 06-05-2021

Hi Remi,

I read a lot of bad reviews regarding that cable with the combo of hardware you have. I’m pretty sure the cable is at fault here. Also on the Club-3D site it’s pretty clear that you should use a cable no longer than 2 meter. And if you really want to try with AOC, try a cable that is at least certified by HDMI for HDMI2.1. Like the CAC-1376, but I don’t recommend it.

The adapter never supported G-Sync and this was never claimed or stated anywhere.

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