CAC-1087 no 4k@120Hz available

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I use a CAC-1087 but i m not able to get 4k120Hz working. Above 1080p the limit is 60Hz that the adapter is able to put to the TV.

Setup: Windows 11 on AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970x > ASUS ROG ZENITH II EXTREME > Nvidia RTX A4000 (Output:DisplayPort) > CLUB 3D CAC-1087 > LG OLED42C24LA (Input: HDMI)

How on earth do these Adapters behave so different?
I tried the settings above… no chance to get 4K120Hz signal on the TV.

If i add a CAC-1085 on another DisplayPort on the RTX A4000 and connect it to another HDMI Input (E.g. HDMI 2) of the TV, then the following setup works:
Clone the Display 1 and 2 via Nvidia Control Panel, set Display 2 (E.g CAC-1085) as primary and resolution to 4K120Hz then the TV is able to get Input Signal also on HDMI 1 (via CAC-1087). As soon as i remove the CAC-1085 everything drops back to only 4K60Hz possible.

Will a Firmwar Update of the CAC-1087 help me to use only the CAC-1087 with 4K120Hz?

Kind regards

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0 on 17-04-2023

Have you tried turning of G-Sync on the TV and/or GPU?

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3 on 17-04-2023

Hi, yes VRR & G-Sync, as well as AMD FreeSync Premium disabled on the screen, as well G-Sync, G-Sync Compatible turned off in Nvidia Control Panel. TV Reports 0 Fps. Further things recommended for troubleshooting/resolving this issue? Kind regards

on 18-04-2023

I’d advise you to contact [email protected] for this one.

on 20-04-2023
I received feedback from support immediately 🙂
Download off a specific firmware version was provided & also some recommended settings to consider.

The firmware update worked and I ve been able to adjust the settings accordingly to finally get the CAC-1087 with the LG OLED42C24LA to bring up 4K@120Hz.

See the required settings I had to tune in to finally get the 4K@120Hz.
The required settings therefore are:
 And also set the radio explizit to Full-screen (as it was behaving different @60Hz vs @120Hz not filling up the whole display are when set to “Aspect ratio”):

Kind regards, Orlando
on 20-04-2023

That’s great news! The images however do not show/work.


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