CAC 1087

Updated on 24-11-2022 in Adapters and Cables
9 on 22-11-2022

I can’t get 4K resolution with this cable (CAC1087).

My PC: Intel i5 13600K Intel Graphics UHD 770 Displayport 1.4 to LG C1 HDMI 2.1

The maximum resolution is adjustable only FHD 1920X1080! What can I do?

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8 on 23-11-2022

Are the drivers up to date?

Assuming you are using the onboard DisplayPort of your motherboard. Which motherboard do you use? Make sure it supports DSC.

on 23-11-2022

Of course, the mainboard DSC supports. ASRock Z790 Pro RS DDR5… .intel Gen13 i5 13600K Intel UHD 770… on board graphic!

I also tried the CAC 1085 and it works, but this cable also has a USB connection for the power supply.

So I bought the CAC 1087 to save the USB connection.

I also tried the CAC 1070 and it also works, but not HDR.

What now?

on 24-11-2022

Do you have an other display attached? As I understand the UHD 770 it takes the least available display spec if there is 2 connected.

Are you able to provide a screen shot where the CAC-1085 works at 4K120Hz and where the CAC-1087 can only output 1080p?

on 24-11-2022

I have a display port and HDMI on the onboard graphics. 1.4 / 2.1 A DENON AVC X4700H is connected to the HDMI and the LG C1 to the display port.

The DENON is only put into operation if it is to receive DTS or Dolby. Otherwise it is not in operation.

Even if I connect the CAC 1087 to the DENON with the display port, I only get a maximum resolution of 1920X1080.

CAC 1070 without HDR and the CAC 1085 with HDR work on both LG/DENON devices.

I can’t provide a screenshot until I’m home.

on 24-11-2022

Do you have any kind of VRR enabled? If so, try disabling.

on 24-11-2022

No, the Intel OnBoard Graphics does not support VRR!

on 24-11-2022

I knew that after I posted it so Ignore that one :).

What happens when you only use the CAC-1087 and disconnect the Denon? Even though Intel says HDMI 2.1 on their own site they say Max Resolution (HDMI) 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz. Which is clearly not the HDMI2.1 spec.

Have you also tried DDU all the drivers and done a fresh install?

on 24-11-2022

I only connected the LG once and only the DENON once, both only a maximum of 1080p.

Also cleaned and reinstalled the graphics drivers with DDU.

The CAC 1087 does not support all endpoints I will return it or it should maybe be adjusted by firmware!?

on 24-11-2022

Please contact [email protected] for a possible firmware update.

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