Cac-1130 and Apple Cinema Display 30 inch

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I would like to connect an Apple Cinema Display 30 inch to a MacBook Pro 13 inch from Mid 2012 via MiniDisplay port. I have just ordered the Club 3D Cac-1130 MiniDisplay Port to Dual Link DVI adapter. Some reviews say that I would need a mod for the firmware of the adapter to disable HDCP. Is that true and if so, how do I get the mod for the firmware? Club 3D doesn’t offer anything in the downloads section for the adapter and I couldn’t find a download through a pretty thorough google search.


Your help is much appreciated. Warm greetings from Vienna, Austria,


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If the adapter doesn’t work, then you send a request to [email protected]

If they have a firmware update, then they will send you links for download and instructions. You will need Windows to apply the firmware update (BootCamp should also work). The firmware updater might have a function to save the old firmware in case you want to go back to the old firmware.


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