CAC-1170 and LG 27UK650-W issue

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Im using 2014 laptop Asus ROG G550JK with integrated graphics Intel HD 4600 and i want to connect it to new LG 27UK650-W 4k monitor. Using CAC-1170 adapter I cant get 3840×2160@60hz but it works on 30hz. If i use custom resolution option and set it to 60hz, then screen just stays black and then reverts it back to 30hz. Whats interesting is that i can get 3840×2160@60hz with my samsung 55KS7000 tv. Maybe need to update adapter firmware or its hopeless with his monitor? 

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Hello Volts333

according to the website of LG your  monitor should be able to run 4k@60 =hz.. what you could try is to see if you are able to set your color on 8bit output this might give you the option to allocate the extra bandwith to the HZ output.

this is a solution that might work Club-3D does state that:

“Supports AMD HD6xxx, Nvidia® Maxwell cards and Intel® Skylake HD 5XX series and newer. Not intended for older architectures (such as Intel Haswell HD 4XXX / NVidia Kepler 5xx series Graphics) “

since you use a Intel HD4600 there could be a limitation.

For information about firmware you could contact [email protected] you might also want to download the latest update for windows 10 and the drivers of your videocard

Please leave me a message if you need additional information.

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