CAC-1170 (DVI-HDMI) Adapter won’t output at 4k@60Hz on Sierra

Updated on 13-02-2017 in Adapters and Cables
5 on 05-02-2017

Anybody having issue using this adapter with Sierra? I’ve been using this adapter with El Capitan and it was working fine outputting 4K@60Hz to my Sony X800D tv. This morning, I made a bad decision(without even googling) and update my mac to Sierra. Now, it won’t output at 60hz anymore. All I can see is pink line.  There are so many people having issue with external display with Sierra. I should have googled it before I update it. Anybody here having same issue? I have 2015 Mackbook pro 15″.

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4 on 08-02-2017

Please try Sierra 10.12.3

on 08-02-2017

Yes, I’m using exactly that version. I updated two days ago and that was the only version available on Appstore.

on 10-02-2017

Hi I deleted the other thread you made with the same topic …

Did you try making custom resolution for 3840×2160 at 60 Hz with timing Stadard set to CVT-RB (reduced blanking) using a program like SwitchResX ?
Or roll back to El Capitain if that is an option for you

on 10-02-2017

No worries

I did but have no success in creating a new custom resolution. It won’t let me install it. I can only reuse the one I created back in El Capitan. Is there a chance you guys can resolve this issue with driver update?

on 13-02-2017

did you try to remove all users in SwitchResX and make a new one ?

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