CAC-1170 – HD7950 displayport to LG 32UD59 hdmi 2.0 4k 4K60Hz

Updated on 26-07-2021 in Adapters and Cables
1 on 12-05-2021

Hi all sharing the solution to having my Radeon HD7950 displayport to output to my monitor LG 32UD59 hdmi 2.0 4k at 60 Hz through the CAC-1170 adapter (I only got 30 Hz at the beginning). Note: I am on windows 10.   Solution: 1- Wrote to [email protected] and asked for the latest firmware for the CAC-1170  2- received the firmware via mail by the support 3- updated firmware 4- after fw update I set on the monitor “HDMI ULTRA HD deep color” to on, restarted the PC and the monitor 5- set in windows disply settings resolution at 4k (still at 30 Hz in this moment) 6 -I created in AMD Radeon software this custom resolution: 7- set in windows advanced display settings refresh rate at 60 Hz (before the option wasn’t there   Hope it helps.        

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