CAC-1170, MacBook & Vizo E Series no 4k60Hz

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8 on 22-06-2016

Listed in my OS X El Capitan System Report only shows 3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz. I have listed my setup below and could not get a custom Display Settings for 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz with SwitchResX.

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5 on 22-06-2016

I also have this cable

on 23-06-2016

Hi 4k4sure,
Cable looks ok to me.
What error does SwitchResX give you (or your system) ?

on 23-06-2016

I can not get 4k @ 60Hz. Can not not find any settings in the tv that change my options in SwitchResX. What do I try next?

Thanks MST1407

on 24-06-2016

what pixel clock does SwitchResX show you ?
Sometimes it helps to lower that to 539 Mhz or 533 Mhz depending on the screen.

SwitchResX somtimes doe snot save the custom resolutions which causes it ot use of the ones which were already in switchresx (4k@60hz) but often not in CVT-RB. Then it is best to create a new user in OSX and switchresx before it starts to save the custom resolutions again …

on 27-06-2016

Thanks for the replay.

SwitchResX is giving a clock speed of 533 Mhz. 

I created a new user and made a profile for 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz. When activating the new profile I get an unusable flickering. Any insight would be helpful.

on 29-06-2016

did you try it with Pixel clock at 530 Mhz
pelase check with Vizio for optimal Pixel Clock

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1 on 11-07-2016

Thanks MST1407, it works!

How do you find optical pixel clock for any given tv? In the documentation?

on 12-07-2016

Cool !
Yes sometimes it is in the manual, but mostly you will have to check with Vendor, in this case Vizio

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