CAC-1170 with 10.13.6

Updated on 10-10-2018 in Adapters and Cables
5 on 08-08-2018

I have Macbook pro 15″ (mid 2015 version) and I just updated OS to 10.13.6. After that update, CAC-1170 stops working. It doesn’t output anything at all. My Sony X800D says “No Signal”. Has anyone experiencing same issue?

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4 on 09-08-2018

Hi mm71, 

Sorry to hear this and no we did not hear thise before yet.
Waht firmware is installed on your CAC-1170 ?

on 09-08-2018

If I remember correctly, I have never updated firmware.

on 10-08-2018

Hi mm71, please send an email to [email protected],
then they will send it to you right away.

on 10-08-2018

Thanks, I just sent an email

on 10-10-2018


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