CAC-1180 Audio Output Only 48khz & 16bit

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I Just bought this adapter and I finally reached 4k HDR output 12 bit RGB in according with full real HDMI 2.0 standards for my quadro P1000 into my OLED LG TV.

The only issue is that with this adapter will output my audio HDMI multichannel but only at 16bit and 48Khz (max settings). Other adapter I tried had a full support until 24/192Khz multichannel output.

In the datasheet is written that it has a multi channel (8) support of 192khz and stereo at 768khz.

How Can I resolve this?

Windows 10 Pro 20H2

Nvidia Quadro P1000 4Gb (4x mini DP)

Intel 8700k – 16Gb DDR4


Thank you and Regards.


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No one can me help?!

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Hi Gatto,

Could you please send a mail to [email protected] with this question?

Please make sure to name the model of the LG TV as well. Also mention @ what Hz you are running the TV.

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