CAC-1180, Intel® NUC D54250WYK to Samsung UE75JU6475U UHD 4k. 3840*2160@60Hz dont work

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2 on 14-11-2018

nuc connect DP to cac-1180to hdmi cable to samsung tv. 3840*2160@30hz work but 60Hz dont. 

nuc Haswell HD5000 last drivers  and cable Deltaco 2.0 cable 3m(premium sertified) Samsung hdmi1 port(trying both HDMI UHD color) and PC name.

windows 10, Trying to set 3640*2160@60Hz CVT-RB results in the error “The custom resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity” .

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1 on 15-11-2018

hmhmm…. Samsung UE75JU6475U is 50Hz panel. Whether 60Hz is even possible. Now CAC-1180 does not even work 30Hz, vertical lines in the display. Old Sandberg DP to HDMI works through 30Hz. How to get it alive CAC-1180?

on 15-11-2018

Hello jopim,

The Intel NUC D54250WYK has a Haswell i5-4250U cpu with 5000 graphics. This integrated grpahics is not able to output 4K 60Hz unfortunately.

The mDP output is a DP 1.2 spec, so 4K 30Hz should work.

Please send an email to [email protected] (you can just copy the above message in the email) and we will provide latest firmware for the adapter … lets start there.

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