CAC-1332 Underscanning issue…..need HELP!!!

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5 on 07-07-2021

I recently purchased Epson Moverio BT-40 Smartglasses for which I’m using the Club-3D CAC-1332 adapter for any HDMI source, since these glasses have a USB Type-C connector. Works very well except for an intermittent flashing White line at the top of the image projected in the glasses. Hopefully I can get some advice on how to troubleshoot this. Here is a link to a short video of the issue:

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4 on 07-07-2021

Hi F13DFX,

Is this only when you watch an other screen with it or everywhere?

on 07-07-2021

When I connect the glasses directly to the USB-C port on my Dell XPS15 laptop, the picture is perfect without the annoying line. Apparently I did aome research & found out that there are 5 identical rebranded adapter & they all use the Lontium LT6711 chip. I don’t have another USB-C display that I can test this Club-3D adapter with, so my glasses could be the culprit as well.

on 09-07-2021

Test with a DisplayPort display using a USB-C to DisplayPort cable?

on 09-12-2021

Same here, The glass is ok without the adapter, but a white line flashing on the top of the picture when connect through this adapter to any hdmi source, like Nintendo switch, ps4, MacBook Pro, windows pc…

on 16-03-2024

Fixed on windows by using 59hz instead of 60

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