CAC-1333 compatible with KVM switch?

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Hi – I currently use a KVM switch to connect a single monitor with HDMI output to a Macbook and a Lenovo Windows laptop. I’m thinking of switching to an LG Ultrafine monitor which only has USB-C ports. From what I’ve read the Club3D CAC-1333 adapter is what I need to convert from the USB-C outputs on the monitor to a HDMI input on a laptop, but my question is whether this adapter would work with the KVM switch as well?

In other words, my suggested setup is:
Monitor (USB-C) -> CAC-1333 adapter -> HDMI cable -> HDMI input on KVM switch -> USB-C input on Macbook or Windows laptop.

If helpful, the specific KVM switch I’m using is this one:

Thanks for your help.

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Just posting an alternative link to the KVM switch as the previous one didn’t seem to work:

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Which model LG UltraFine? The old LG UltraFine 5K (27MD5KA) only works with Thunderbolt. The latest model LG UltraFine 5K (27MD5KL) will accept Thunderbolt or USB-C. Thunderbolt allows 5K60. USB-C allows 4K60 or 5K39.

The CAC-1333 might work, or it might not. The LG UltraFine displays have no buttons so you can’t turn them on if they won’t turn on automatically, and you can’t turn them off to force a reconnect if there’s a problem. I would avoid displays that don’t have buttons or multiple inputs.

With the CAC-1333, you would loose access to the USB features of the LG UltraFine display. The CAC-1332 is better since it has a USB 2.0 input but I don’t think those are made anymore. The CAC-1336 is actually better than that since it has USB 2.0 input and can support width > 4096 if you wanted to try a 5K mode.

Regarding input/output. The source of the video signal is considered the output, while the destination of the video signal is the input.
+ Macbook USB-C -> input of KVM / HDMI output of KVM -> CAC-1336 -> USB-C input of LG UltraFine
+ USB output of KVM -> USB input of CAC-1336. Then you can connect keyboard/mouse to display.

Maybe a USB-C switch will work.   #401 
and it would be simpler but it depends a lot on the cables involved.

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