CAC-1333 compatible with KVM switch?

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Hi – I currently use a KVM switch to connect a single monitor with HDMI output to a Macbook and a Lenovo Windows laptop. I’m thinking of switching to an LG Ultrafine monitor which only has USB-C ports. From what I’ve read the Club3D CAC-1333 adapter is what I need to convert from the USB-C outputs on the monitor to a HDMI input on a laptop, but my question is whether this adapter would work with the KVM switch as well?

In other words, my suggested setup is:
Monitor (USB-C) -> CAC-1333 adapter -> HDMI cable -> HDMI input on KVM switch -> USB-C input on Macbook or Windows laptop.

If helpful, the specific KVM switch I’m using is this one:

Thanks for your help.

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Just posting an alternative link to the KVM switch as the previous one didn’t seem to work:

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