CAC-1335 higher refresh rates?

Updated on 15-09-2023 in Adapters and Cables
10 on 02-09-2023

Does anyone know if CAC-1335 supports 1080p@240Hz?

I’ve RTX 3090 which has HDMI 2.1 output.
I’m thinking about Avermedia Live Gamer ULTRA 2.1 (GC553G2) which outputs 1440p@240Hz (and many more resolutions/frequencies, but this one is a good reference point).
My monitor does 1080p@390Hz so logically thinking the CAC-1335 should be able to give me at least 1080p@240Hz, but I’m not sure.

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9 on 04-09-2023

Technically it should work based on the bandwidth available. Which display are we talking about?

8bit 1920×1080 @ 390Hz = 24.26 Gbps.

CAC-1335 has Bandwidth up to DP 1.4 so 32.4 Gbps.

on 06-09-2023

Acer Nitro XV252QF

You won’t find it on Acer’s website anymore though.
I guess the 390Hz OC wasn’t as stable as they thought and now they say it’s 360Hz.

on 06-09-2023

I bought the CAC-1335. We shall see if it works. It wasn’t that expensive.

on 07-09-2023

Hmm the Acer Nitro XV252QF is “only” DisplayPort 1.2 which is 21.6Gbps. So the CAC-1335 will turn down to that.


It’s Dutch but you might be able to work it out.

OC on monitors work (imo) in a weird way. Hope it works out for you, let it know! 🙂

on 15-09-2023

Okay – so CAC-1335 does 240Hz out of the box and up to 399Hz with custom preset 🙂

on 15-09-2023

What games are you playing and what FPS are you producing?

on 15-09-2023

I’ll try Rainbow Six Siege right now as it is my game of choice and will let you know the results. I’m above 400FPS most of the time though. The game supports Reflex so it should strain the GPU as hard as possible.

Also I had to lower refresh rate to 398Hz, because it did flicker once already during light usage (web browsing).

on 15-09-2023

With native 1440p, because I didn’t check the DSR wasn’t enabled after I switched from DisplayPort to HDMI in Nvidia settings 😅 So quite nice!

on 15-09-2023

Oh and DSR works completely differently on DP and on HDMI.

On DP you can DSR in-game only – on HDMI (so through the CAC-1335) it shows DSR resolution for the whole display 😮

on 15-09-2023

And the order of connection also changes what you get out of the box.
Previously I must’ve plugged it in different order (input/power/monitor output) – now I went input/power/output and got 1080p 360Hz PC resolution in there…

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