CAC-1372 certification

Updated on 17-12-2020 in Adapters and Cables
1 on 28-11-2020

I just purchased a CAC-1372 “Ultra High Speed HDMI 4K120Hz, 8K60Hz Certified Cable 48Gbps M/M 2 m / 6.56 ft” cable.

According to the HDMI Forum, all certified ultra high speed HDMI cables are required to have a certification label on the packaging. The picture shows this, but the box I received does not have it.

If the packaging does not have the HDMI certification label on it, then it is not a certified ultra high speed HDMI cable. I would like an explanation as to why you believe that showing the HDMI certification label on the product page but sending an un-certified cable is a reasonable thing to do.

Thank you.

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0 on 17-12-2020

Do you think Club-3D sends you the cable directly or via a distributor with stock and a retailer with stock as well? Those 2 might have stock from before the certification. I geuss if you return the cable now and buy it again you will probably get a cable with the wanted stickers on it. They only got certified a few weeks ago hench there is left over stock. Is the cable not working as expected?

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