CAC-1405 not being linked

Updated on 04-05-2022 in Adapters and Cables
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Hello there,


I’ve been having an issue with a setup of mine, using the CAC-1405 (USB 3.2 Gen1 Active Repeater Cable 10m). The repeater goes from the computer to a USB FiberX USB-A to USB-C, which then goes into a Poly Webcam. However when the computer is restarted, the webcam is not detected by default. I have to unplug and replug the cable for it to be detected and the link to be Up. 

I thought it was related to the powering of the repeater and added an external power (as it was powered with computer before). But that only made things worse as the Link is now not being made at all, even after restarting, unplugging/plugging back in or remove drivers from any USB listed item.

I checked the second cable (USB-A to USB-C) that leads to the webcam, and it’s all fine.

Any idea what I should try or do? Is the cable defective and I would need to get a new one from warranty?


Thanks a lot.


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