CAC-1503 and CSV-5400 — USB-C to 4x DP not working on Xiaomi Me Air 13 (2017)

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Hello, I have a problem with a setup including:

* Notebook Xiaomi Me Air 13” (2017)
* Club 3D CAC-1503
* Mini Displayport to Displayport adapter
* Club 3D CSV-5400
* Displayport to DVI-D
* Monitor Eizo S2110W

Here is a photo of the setup:

When I connect all the parts and boot into Windows 10, then the notebook screen turns black and the external monitor also turn black. The system is still responsive — I just cannot see anything.

When I boot into Linux (Mint 18.3) then the external monitor is recognized, but no image is visible.

When I use a different adapter for USB-C to Displayport (Renkforce) instead of the CAC-1503 then the setup works with Windows and Linux. Unfortunately the Renkforce adapter does not have Power Delivery, so that adapter is not really an option for a notebook with only one USB-C port.

I also tried a third adapter (Xiaomi USB-C to Displayport) but that does not work at all.

I would really like to find a setup that allows me to connect multiple displays to this notebook. Additionally, now I also want to know what is going on ^^. I am in hope that you guys may help me out. I can provide more info if needed.

Cheers, Hans

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2 on 11-01-2018

Good day Hans,

If ia m not mistaking the CAC-1509 is an active Adapter, those normally do not work well together with other active devices in the same signal line, like in this case an MST Hub.
Have not tested this yet, but quite sure that is it.
How amny and which screens would you like to connect to the notebook ?

on 12-01-2018

It is indeed CAC-1509 not CAC-1503.

What do you mean with active adapter? I would just expect the adapter to extract the native DP signal from the USB 3.1.

I want to connect 3x Eizo S2110W to the CSV-5400 hub.

In the mean time I have also tried the Club 3D USB-C Mini Dock CSV-1537. In this setup:
* Notebook
* CSV-1537
* SCV-5400
* DVI-D Monitor
the SCV-5400 was not even recognized. Neither in 2-lane nor in 4-lane configuration the setup worked.

Thanks for the help!

on 16-01-2018

Good day Hans,

Most (if not all) USB C Adapters are active, meaning they will normally not work very well with other active devices like MST Hubs and/or other active adapters or cables.
Also in your setup the adapter will need to be Multi Stream Transport compatible to be able to forward the MST Signal to the MST Hub.
Mos Notebook do not support more than  screens in total, meaning their own screen plus  external screens. Or when you want, 3 external screens but with the notebook screen disabled.
Please check how many screens your notebook supports.
The only work around that limitation of max amount of screens is to use External USB Graphics or a Docking Station with that inside.
So if you would wnat to run the notbook screen + 3 external screens i would advise this:
Screen 1: passive HDMI to DVI converter like CAC-HMD>DFD + DIV cable to screen.
Screen 2: CSV-1474 + passive HDMI to DVI converter like CAC-HMD>DFD + DIV cable to screen.
Screen 3: CSV-1474 + passive HDMI to DVI converter like CAC-HMD>DFD + DIV cable to screen.
if you would wish more possibel connections you could also use instead of CSV-1474 ext usb Graphics a Docking Station like CSV-1460 (convert the DP outputs with passive adapter like CAC-1000 to DVI).

You can of course also use a Docking Station like CSV-1560, but that does not have a Ext. USB Graphics inside, so you woult be able to go over the 3 screens in total like this.

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