CAC-1504 not working on MacBookPro 2016

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I just bought this product and it is not working as it should. When I plug it in, 2times out of 3 nothing even shows on the second monitor (Phillips 4k BDM3275UP), and when something shows it flickers a lot and there is a small horizontal offset at the right of the screen.

Are there drivers somewhere that I need to install and didn’t find ? Is there a firmware update ? Is this a defective unit ? Is this product non compatible with my hardware ?


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Yes the CAC-1504 works on a MacBook Pro 2016.
Please make sure the HDMI cable is capable of doing 4K at 60Hz / 18Gbps.
Check the Philips Monitor for settings like “Game Mode”and/ or “UHD Color Mode” or sometimes it even helps to enable the “DP1.2” which i normally factory default at DP1.1.

What cable do you have (Brand and Type) ?

No driver required and you most probably already have firmware version 0x26 which should work just fine.

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Hi, Thanks or your answer.
The cable is the cable coming with the monitor. Is there anyway to check based on what’s printed on it if it is capable of doing 4k/60hz ? It says “high speed” on it if that’s any indication but it’s probably not. 

When you say check for a game mode, you mean I should try using the game mode ? 

Thanks again.

on 02-12-2016

Hi jtm,

Yes often you will need to use somthing like a “Game Mode” for the TV to be bale to handle 4K. at 60Hz, so if you TV has that, please enable such Mode.
In “HDMI Land” normally “High Speed” means up to 1920 x 1080p at 120Hz max
and “Premium High Speed” would normally mean up to 3840x2160p at 60 Hz max.
Now that is not a law, but i alwasy advice to get a good cable becuas ethat makes a world of differrence. Does not mena you need to spend a lot of money, if you do know of any cable that is very good we also offer a good HDMI cable with CAC-1310 item code. That is a by certified Cable for HDMI2.0 / 18Gbps / 4K 60Hz of 3 meters / 9.8 feet.

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