CAC-1504 vs CAC-2504 usb-c to HDMI 2

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I have a question : what are the pro/cons between these two USB-C to HDMI 2.0 adapters (apart from form factor which I don’t care about).
Is the 2504 simply the newest one and as such better for everthing ? It seems they don’t use the same chip, the 2504 uses a Parade PS176, but I don’t know for the 1504.
I want to use it for homecinema use so I’m very much interested in its compatibility with all kinds of resolutions (4K 60 hz, 24p, HDR…) and audio passthrough capabilities (AC3, E-AC3, DTS, DTS HS, True HD, …).

Thank you !

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0 on 06-09-2018

Hi GegFR,

Actually the CAC-1504 has a Parade Chip and the CAC-2504 has a MegaChips Chip inside.
They will basically do the same thing on your Dell XPS.
The CAC-2504 is also able to do HDR, but there is no USB C output in the market yet that can do that as far as I know (which is why we do not communicate that (yet)).
Audio capabilities is for both the same.

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1 on 08-09-2018

Thank you for your answer.
Are you sure the 1504 has a parade Chip and the 2504 a Megachips one ? I thought it was the opposite…

on 10-09-2018

I am sure, CAC-1504 is PS176 and CAC-2504 is MCDP2900

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