CAC-1507 – 0 Volt on DP_PWR PIN.

Updated on 28-12-2020 in Adapters and Cables
3 on 20-12-2020

I’m using CAC-1507. The DP Pin 20 (DP_PWR) has 0 volts.
What is the issue?

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2 on 21-12-2020

Hi Stach,

According to VESA standards the 20 Pin has to be disabled otherwise it may fry your hardware.

Are you having issues with the adapter itself or is it working as intended?

on 22-12-2020

Hi Baak, We are using this dongle with DP dummy plug. The dummy plug get the power from this pin, we have another adaptor that is working and wounded why the 3.3 is missing on cac-1507. I have checked that any DP port on my laptop or desktop PC have pin20 enabled. According to your answer, while converting from type c to DP this pin must be disabled?  

on 28-12-2020

Hi MichaelOsipov,

I found a nice article to read regarding this:


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