CAC-1507 is active?

Updated on 20-12-2016 in USB Type C
1 on 19-12-2016

The description at says that the CAC-1507 is active.

Does that mean a passive version is possible? If so, then what would be the differences between an active and passive version of this adapter? What are the benefits of each over the other?

What kind of active conversion is required between the USB-C DisplayPort alternate mode input and the DisplayPort output?

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0 on 20-12-2016

Good day joevt,

Good question and thanks for that 🙂
And i think you are correct, this CAC-1507 is not an Active Adapter, it does support 4lanes DP 1.2, but does not convert anything, so no need to be active.
In general with regards to adapters, they are called passive when they just change the gender or connector but no signal conversion tkaes place. When signal conversian does take place the adapter will need to have a receiver and transmitter chip inside which would make it called “active”.

 I will have that CAC-1507 descition adjusted. Thanks and keep up the “sharp eye”

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