CAC-1510-A Splitting up screen image

Updated on 18-03-2024 in Adapters and Cables
4 on 30-11-2023

I’m using a CAC-1510-A to connect a 30″ Apple Cinema Display to a MacBook Pro M3 Max.

The MacBook connects and correctly reads the 2560 x 1600 screen resolution. Not sure how else to describe the issue other than; the screen image is being split into three sections and arranged incorrectly. I will post a photo of the screen below.

I’m using the same monitor on a different computer to create this post. It’s running through an active DVI to mini-display port adapter and works fine at the same resolution.

Did I just get a defective 1510?

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3 on 30-11-2023

Here’s a photo of the issue. The left fifth of the screen swapped with the right side of the screen.

on 04-12-2023

The CAC-1510-A is not defective, I’ve seen more M3s with this issue.

Hopefully Club 3D will work on a new firmware update for this.

on 18-03-2024

Apple seem to have fixed this issue with Sonoma 14.4

Could you check and verify?

on 18-03-2024

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