CAC-1510-A USB.3.2 extender

Updated on 25-01-2024 in USB Type C
3 on 06-07-2023

I’m pleased with my purchase of the Club 3D HDCP Off Version Active Adapter for my 30inch Apple Cinema Display. It works great and flawless so far with a MacBook Pro M1. However, the length of the USB 3.2 cable is very short. I want to add an adapter to extend it so I can stow the cables under my desk. Is there a special cable I need?



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1 on 06-07-2023

I just tested the CAC-1510-A with the CAC-1529(2meter) and CAC-1531(1meter) USB-C extension cables. And both worked.

I highly recommend not to go over the 1meter. So my suggestion would be add the CAC-1531 to your setup.

on 06-07-2023

Thanks for checking for me. Appreciated! 

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