CAC-1510 HDCP off stopped working

Updated on 16-01-2023 in Adapters and Cables
2 on 15-01-2023

Hi, I bought the adapter to connect my old 30“ Cinema Display to my new Mac Studio Ultra. It worked for about 2 days perfect and then just failed. The display self does work when connected back to my old Mac Pro. For a test I connected monitor and adapter to a dell windows notebook. The adapter does show up as a device in the device manager but with a yellow exclamation mark. Anything I can do or did it reality died after 2 days?

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1 on 16-01-2023

It does work on the Mac Studio Ultra and does not on the Dell notebook?

“Failed” as in no more picture on the display?

Best to mail to [email protected] they might be able to assist you in this.


on 16-01-2023

It worked on the Mac Studio and after 2 days no more picture on the Cinema Display. Still all USB devices connected to the display did work. I have marked it as defective with Amazon and they did send a new one already. The new one works just fine as the fist one did in the beginning. So it was faulty after just 2 days. I hope the new one now will last longer and stay reliable.

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