CAC-1557, Apple Studio Display, RTX 3080, Windows 10 intermittendly working

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I have an RTX 3080 and an Apple Studio Display. I did want to use the CAC-1557 to connect the Thunderbolt4 on the Studio Display with the RTX 3080 Displayport Output. 

In parallel, I run a VR set. 

Right now, sometimes it works. But when I restart the computer, nothing works (even a standard DP Display). 


Has anyone solved this riddle yet? Is there another wire I should use?


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Does it also happen when the VR set is not connected?

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0 on 29-12-2022

Yes it does. 

The handshake of the Nvidia card with the screen is the problem: 

  • Another screen needs to be present 
  • The cable needs to be plugged in to the screen first (having the pc stacked away I never tried that before) 
  • The cable needs to be plugged in to the video card second.
  • Then, I can unplug the helping screen.
  • When I reboot I need to crawl under the desk and start over the charade.

I guess the wire is not to be blamed, but the windows drivers.. My Lenovo Laptop has two Thunderbolt output and a USB-C with DP alternate mode. Studio display works using a TB4 wire (including Webcam, Audio) on the USB-C but not on the Thunderbolt 4 (which results in a black screen, but being listed in the TB4 tool as properly connected)

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