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CAC-1571 USB4 Type-C is the cable which is coming with CSV-1580 Thunderbolt 4 Hub packed.

Is the cable CAC-1571 a true/real cable for Thunderbolt 4?

Or is it for USB4 only?

According to this page there is a difference between cable for USB4 and cable for Thunderbolt4.

Has CAC-1571 the lightning symbol with number 4(four) on it? Is it certified for Thunderbolt 4?


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0 on 10-01-2022

The page you linked says Thunderbolt 4 does everything USB4 can do. It does not say that it does more than what USB4 can do.

The product description for the CAC-1571 at says the following:

• Full-featured USB4™ Type-C Certified Cable (USB4™ Gen3x2)
• Bandwidth up to 40Gbps
• Power Delivery up to 100W
• E-mark IC
• Cable length 0.8 m / 2.6 ft
• Support more protocols, DisplayPort™ and PCI express
• Type-C cable ONLY
• Backwards compatible with USB3.2, USB2.0 and Thunderbolt™ 3
• USB-IF Certified

Which means it’s basically as good as a Thunderbolt 4 cable. I guess Club-3d saved a buck by not getting the Thunderbolt 4 certification? But they did get the USB-IF certification.

There are cases where USB4 can be less than Thunderbolt 4 but this cable is not one of those cases. You’ll have no problem with the cable, no matter what computer/device it’s connected between.

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0 on 10-01-2022

as far as I know the only difference is currenly length.

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3 on 23-01-2022

May be the cable is basically (physically) as good as a Thunderbolt 4 cable.

As you may know these cables may be active with markers which declare the capabilites of the cable. Also for TB4.

If it is not marked (declared) as TB4 capable it may not work with TB4 even if it is physically as good as a Thunderbolt 4 cable.

Length is not a problem. Other docking stations TB4 come also with 0.8m – 2.62ft.

on 24-01-2022

You can’t mark an USB4 with the TB4 mark as it is not the same manufacture. It’s like saying an Apple is the same as an Samsung, they are both Phones right?

The CAC-1571 is Certified USB4 and has the same standards as TB4. So it will work both ways.

on 26-01-2022

 is referring to the electronic marker inside the cable.

I don’t know if Thunderbolt 4 cables use electronic marker identifiers that differ from USB4. It seems to me that identifying the cable as Thunderbolt 4 is not as useful as identifying the supported modes, maximum bandwidth, and maximum voltage and current.

The USB spec is freely available. Thunderbolt not so.

on 31-01-2022

Yea, I meant the marking with a chip inside the cable. And not the labelling outside with a sticker or so.

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1 on 27-01-2022

Have a look here:

Dell monitor comes with a “1 x Thunderbolt 4 Aktivkabel – USB-C – 1.5 m” despite it has only Thunderbolt 3.

And here:


Is CAC-1571 an “active” cable with (marker) chips inside the plugs? Or only passive with simple wires? Is CAC-1571 at least certified for Thunderbolt 3?



on 02-02-2022

The description says it has E-mark IC which is the electronic marker that describes the capabilities of the cable. The cable supports USB 3.x and DisplayPort signals just like a Thunderbolt 4 cable so I guess it may be passive in that regard, or if it’s active, then being active doesn’t interfere with the ability to transport USB 3.x and DisplayPort signals. Active Thunderbolt 3 cables, on the other hand, would prohibit USB 3.x and DisplayPort connections.

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