CAC-2068 and 164hz problem

Updated on 17-11-2020 in Adapters and Cables
1 on 13-11-2020


i just bought that cable for my monitor (dell s3220dgf) i have Gpu Nvidia 1070ti with drivers 457.30

My problem is that i cant use at control panel RGB output color format at all , only YCbCr-422 when my monitor is at 164hz, if i change to 60hz everything is ok (RGB , Full dynamic range , 10bpc color depth)

i tried fresh install nvidia drivers , reset monitor , nothing changed 

if i use the Dell’s display port cable that came with the monitor (1,2dp) everything is ok

any ideas what is happening?

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0 on 17-11-2020

Hi Throw – could you contact [email protected] see if they can help you with this. This cable should be able to support this resolution. 

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