CAC-2068 really vesa certified???????

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3 on 17-12-2020

Just bought this cable, and already regret it. I have a 1080TI and a PG279Q.

The cable thats in my box from the monitor works perfectly, but i want to upgrade to a 4K 144HZ monitor, so thats why i bought this junk. Well, even at 1440P i CANNOT choose 144HZ, my system reverts back to 60HZ.

If i connect my original cable, all is fine….

So what am i gonna do? Just return this junk and never buy something from this brand again.


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0 on 18-12-2020

Even not a single answer, this forum is as useless as their cables

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1 on 18-12-2020

Hi Jefke,

Time difference is a thing…

Anyway, what 4K 144Hz screen did you try to connect?

And did you try to play around with RGB and subsampling settings? I think you should go to 444/RGB and 8Bit.

Did you update the firmware of your 1080TI since 2017?

It could also be possible that you were unlucky and got a faulty cable, that can happen.

on 18-12-2020

Just brought it back and get my money back, so im happy now. Didnt do all those settings you mentioned, why would i if the original cable works fine… Im gonna buy a new cable but not from your company anymore… 

Die nederlanders toch, als ze je niet in het zak zetten dan zijn ze het vergeten, wel, niet met mij….

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