CAC1010 benq 2411t / RX 580

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I bought a CAC-1010 to fit with my BenQ 2411t and my RX 580.

I got 2 issues with it :

*my refresh rate can’t go over 60 hz in 1920*1080p

*my pointer freezes while i move it

The options to go for 144 hz appears in windows or through my GPU software but my screen goes in no signal and black right away when i select it.

I have tried different USB ports on my motherboard, different display ports on my GPU and my dvi-d wires are good and working on other computer or in 120 hz through my RX580’s DVI port.

I already got an other adapter CAC-1010 and returned the first one thinking it was the issue but it seems not to be the cause. It’s doing the exact same thing with the new one.

Any idea of what i could do? i was planning on getting a new GPU but if this adapter doesnt work i will also have to replace my screen and return the adapter.

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0 on 11-01-2021

Hi Ker,

Both your Screen and GPU have HDMI 2.0 , have you tried a HDMI 2.0 cable yet? Does it do the same?

Are there more cables attached to the screen? If so, unplug them all see what happens? Except for the power cable of course :P.

The adapter should be able to do 1080P 144Hz without any troubles. So doubtful you received 2 faulty adapters.

Is your cable a DUAL link or SINGLE Link cable?


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Unfortunately the HDMI port on the 2411T only provide 60 hz. It’s well known for that :/ Which is why i went for this adapter planning on replacing my GPU.

I have 2 different cables DUAL link tested on 1080p 144hz with an old GPU and an other computer worked fine.

The issue seems to be coming from the power supply i’d say…The adapter doesnt work well even in 1080p 60hz. 

When i plug it as recommended it shows up with this native setting 1080p 60 hz but the pointer freezes. It literrally stops when i move it and when i set the screen on 144hz it goes for no signal.

on 12-01-2021

Hi Ker,

I think you’d be best of contacting [email protected]

I don’t know what is wrong, but again I doubt you have received 2 faulty adapters.

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