Can Club3d post a video on how to get CAC-1085 Working? Are there issues? firmware? News?

Updated on 28-10-2020 in Adapters and Cables
3 on 13-07-2020

Can Club3d post a video on how to get CAC-1085 Working?

Seems a lot of people posting about losing signal, and various problems with using the adapter, including flickering/crashes etc etc.

Are there any settings in the nvcpanel/LG C9, that need to be set ?

Can the adapter be firmware updated? Where would the firmware be posted if there was ever a update?

Does Club3D recognise the adapter to be working perfectly, or does it still have issues?


Please communicate? Or is it done and dusted, and that’s it?

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2 on 17-07-2020

I’m pretty sure that’s it, done and dusted. It’s a stop-gap adapter that has a fragile connection for DP 1.4 to HDMI 2.1. Nobody will even need this adapter in 2 months time when the new Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are released.

It serves a purpose. For me and my LG SM9000 it runs 4K 120hz RGB 10-bit and works best when games are run in Borderless Window Mode. Changing resolution in the Nvidia Control Panel makes the adapter lose signal and I must unplug the adapter and re-plug it back in to complete the settings changes. It’s annoying but it will do for the time being.

on 19-07-2020

You can just press Win+Ctrl+Shift+B to reset the display driver.

on 28-10-2020

This is just the beginning for this type of device. This thing’s a godsend if they can keep improving it and work out any kinks. They need to make that cable on the DP 1.4 connector longer for one, so you can rest the block on the desk more simply. I don’t think most people understand how this thing works. It’s not converting from DP 1.4 to HDMI 2.1. It’s doing something much better. It’s giving you DSC 2.0x capability to any panel you connect it to. Which basically means whatever you ask of  your display when you’re using this, your total display bandwidth will be cut right in half through the compression. I’m not even going to tell you what I plan to do with this because I don’t want all the assholes online to buy out everything I need. But you can do some crazy crap provided you have a GPU that has the power to handle it. You’re basically limited by DP 1.4’s max Data Rate of 25.92Gbps x2 which comes out to 51.84Gbps of usable data. That’s much higher than even HDMI 2.1’s 42.67Gbps. Or in the case of the LG 48″ CX, I think it’s hardware limited to 40Gbps because of the 10Gbps 4x lanes.

 It seems some companies are catching on to this, but they just move so damn slow. ASUS has two panels (43″ and 27″) out that both use built in DSC with a single DP 1.4 cable. And LG has a single 27″ panel that also uses built in DSC the same way. Why they haven’t spread this to all their damn panels, I don’t know. But with this CAC-1085, we can just make it so ourselves. I no longer have to scour the Earth for a damn panel that does everything I want in one. Or pay $3600+ for some BS overpriced Mini-LED panel. Club3D are legendary status for making this now. They need to keep doing so, and keep improving it until it’s 100% flawless.

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