Can Club3d post a video on how to get CAC-1085 Working? Are there issues? firmware? News?

Updated on 19-07-2020 in Adapters and Cables
2 on 13-07-2020

Can Club3d post a video on how to get CAC-1085 Working?

Seems a lot of people posting about losing signal, and various problems with using the adapter, including flickering/crashes etc etc.

Are there any settings in the nvcpanel/LG C9, that need to be set ?

Can the adapter be firmware updated? Where would the firmware be posted if there was ever a update?

Does Club3D recognise the adapter to be working perfectly, or does it still have issues?


Please communicate? Or is it done and dusted, and that’s it?

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1 on 17-07-2020

I’m pretty sure that’s it, done and dusted. It’s a stop-gap adapter that has a fragile connection for DP 1.4 to HDMI 2.1. Nobody will even need this adapter in 2 months time when the new Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are released.

It serves a purpose. For me and my LG SM9000 it runs 4K 120hz RGB 10-bit and works best when games are run in Borderless Window Mode. Changing resolution in the Nvidia Control Panel makes the adapter lose signal and I must unplug the adapter and re-plug it back in to complete the settings changes. It’s annoying but it will do for the time being.

on 19-07-2020

You can just press Win+Ctrl+Shift+B to reset the display driver.

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