Can you use a DisplayPort extension cable with the hub?

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I have a Surface Pro 3 in the Microsoft docking station. I would have to use a converter to connect the MST hub, and then connect my 3 monitors to the hub.  The converter you include is very short. I have a much longer mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cord that I would prefer to use. (I want to put my docking station much farther away from my monitors.)  Will there be any issues with using a longer DisplayPort cord?

I tried a competitor MST hub, and it only works if the cord is very short (only 6 inches). The 6 ft cord did not work.  When I connected it, the Surface Pro’s screen did a slow flicker, like it was trying to transfer the display over through the MST hub, but it wouldn’t stay transferred.

Has anyone tried this with any luck?

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Hi Michael, I understand you have a 6 ft mDP to DP extension cable? When using a DP cable it’s very important to have one which supports HBR2 (High BitRate 2) to benefit from the full DP 1.2 bandwidth. Many DP cables are RBR (Reduced BitRate) which means they do not support the full bandwidth which is required to power multiple monitors. This will result in a bad signal/ flickering etc. 

Some more information on DP cables can be found here: 

We offer the CAC-1064 DP extension cable, combined with our CAC-1110 mDP to DP adapter your setup should work:

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