Club 3D CAC-1010 doesnt work with anything higher than 60hz

Updated on 17-04-2022 in Adapters and Cables
2 on 09-04-2022

So as the title says it just doesnt work no matter what resolution i set it to and anything higher than 60hz with a xl2411 monitor and 1060 gpu.

Is there anything else that shud be changed for this to work?.

It works just fine with 1080p and 144hz if i put the dvi cable straight into the gpu

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1 on 11-04-2022

Have you every updated your firmware on the 1060?

Drivers up to date?

Do you have more displays connected to your GTX? If yes disconnect one see what it does.



on 17-04-2022

Got it solved by using a dif displayport… apparently one of them cant go higher than 60hz for whatever reason… did get a dif problem with the colors and some blurryness but kinda got that solved too by changing some settings in the nvidia driver (color range limited to full).

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