CLUB 3D CAC-1070-Windows 10, AMD R9 290X , Samsung UHD (No UHD Color mode) Custom Resoluti

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So when i bought this adapter 2 years ago everything worked perfectly 4k at 60hz no issues, then AMD released a few driver updates and it screwed with my setting , i was no longer allowed to go 60hz and was stuck with 30hz. i read through various posts and fixes and managed to set up a custom resolution with 60hz which was great. but now i have an annoying bug/glitch that when playing sound through my TV it sounds all robotic, this only happens when 60hz is enabled at 4k. does anyone have any advice or is suffering the same bug ? also is this adapter now rendered useless ? or are we going to get a fix somewhere down the line ?

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Hi Habbz84,

I think Driver version 16.8.3 is overall working best.

I know AMD made many small driver updates after that, however all aimed at RX400 series and non that I know of for R7/9 200 or 300 Series. I do hear end-users with R7/9 200/300 series Cards reporting that 16.12.2 also works quite decent for them. Did not test that myself yet.

Please uninstall the current Graphics driver and all related Graphics software like Afterburner/GPU-Z or whatever graphics related software you might have installed. Best way to remove Driver Software is to boot Windows in Safe mode, so the registry can also be cleaned. When you system does not allow you to do that, you can also use a program like DDU to remove such software:

Reboot and manually download and install

16.8.3 graphics driver (don’t let auto installer from Windows do that)  You can find here:


16.12.2 graphics driver (don’t let auto installer from Windows do that)  You can find here: #”>


After this make a custom resolution for 3840x2160p at 60Hz with Timing Standard set to CVT-Reduced Blanking.

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I appreciate the feedback and help, but going back to those drivers won’t help me, there was a driver release a few months back for Forza and when i tried this method before it basically told me i need the lastest drivers in order to play , also when i chose CVT reduced blanking it doesn’t stick, it goes back to normal CVT. I’d be happy with the way i have it , but the sound bug/glitch is annoying as hell …it’s like a robotic muffled fuzzy sound which only happens when i change the Hz to 60

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