Club 3D CSV-1580 CPU overtheating problems

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2 on 30-05-2023

Hello, I bought Club 3D CSV-1580 thunderbolt dock for my iMac 27 (2020) and with macOS Catalina It always worked fine. I had connected an LG external monitor, an external SSD and an AverMedia Bolt capture card. Everything worked fine.

I have now installed the new macOs Ventura, but I have CPU overtheating problems. The computer gets hot and freezes completely. The external monitor is not recognized correctly (as before with MacOS Catalina) and if I try to change the monitor settings it sends the iMac into kernel panic. So the question is: is your Club 3D CSV-1580 product compatible with macOS Ventura?? Are there any drivers to update? I can’t find anything on the site. Thank you

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0 on 30-05-2023

Does the overheating problem go away when you switch back to Catalina?

Does Activity Monitor show any process that’s using a lot of CPU?

What does the kernel panic text say?

Can you remove the devices and plug them in one at a time to see which one might cause the problem?

Can you try connecting all the devices without the Club 3D CSV-1580? Or as many as possible since the CSV-1580 adds 3 Thunderbolt ports.

Is the external SSD Thunderbolt or USB?

Does the AVerMedia GC555 Live Gamer BOLT Capture Card only have one Thunderbolt port because it’s bus powered?

The CSV-1580 is just a Thunderbolt 4 hub. If it weren’t compatible with Ventura, then neither would be any other Thunderbolt 4 hub.

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