Club 3D CSV-3242HDA with 2 monitors VGA/DVI-D and Windows 10

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I just bought a Club 3D CSV-3242HDA docking Station but I have a problem running it with 2 monitors in parallel.
I am running Windows 10 and downloaded latest DisplayLink 8.2 from DisplayLink website.
One monitor is connected to VGA and another monitor is connected to DVI-D.
When I plug in my HP laptop to the docking station I always get the same screen content on both monitors but I want to use them separately.
When I switch my notebook to use only external monitor it also does not work.
In Windows display configuration the laptop screen is recognised as one screen and the 2 external monitors are recognised as one screen.
Can you please help me how can I get this solved? Do I need a VGA to HDMI converter and use the 2nd monitor with this kind of adapter?

Thanks and best regards

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0 on 11-07-2017

Hello MarcelS82,

I am sorry to inform you that although this Docking Station does support  Dual Screen Mode, you cannot use the DVI and VGA output at the same time. This is a “shared output”.

So you can use 1 screen on the HDMI output plus 1 screen on either the VGA or DVI output. Depending on the inputs on the screens you might need a converter/adapter indeed.

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1 on 11-07-2017

thanks for the info, I also just received your email about this.
Ok, I will get an adapter and try again.
It would be good if I would have known this before as it was not written in the sales text and it took me some time yesterday…

on 11-07-2017

We did mention this in the text on the website as well as on the Data Sheet and features, like this: “Supports dual External monitors via HDMI™, DVI-D or VGA”
I will ask PM to make text more clear.
Verry sorry for the inconvenience.

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