Club 3D DisplayPort 1.2 auf HDMI 2.0 4K60Hz UHD Aktiver Adapter

Updated on 03-08-2017 in Adapters and Cables
1 on 01-08-2017

I ordered the product described above in header on sunday and received it today, as expected.

There is just one problem: It is simply not working? I can do whatever I want but it simply doesn’t work. I’m feeling forced to send the product back and desire my money back! Please fast reply if there is any solution for this issue.

And I insist on getting it work on 4k 60hz !

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0 on 03-08-2017

Dear Roland

thanks for your message and sorry to hear about the issues you have.

Could you advise us the your system details, like which graphic card, which TV/monitor, what kind of a cable you have, then we can check it for you.

best regards

Club 3D

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