Club 3D DP to DVI-D Adapter for GTX 1080

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Could you help me to find a solution to connect multi DVI monitors to a GeForce GTX 1080 ?

I like to upgrade my Windows 10 PC with a GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics card. This card has 3 DisplayPorts, 1 DVI-D port and 1 HDMI port. I have 4 ‘çlassic’ LCD monitors with a DVI-D input and like to re-use these with the new Graphics card. The operating mode for all display devices will be “extended desktop”.

The LCD monitors I have are:

3 x 1280×1024 (SXGA) @ 60Hz in surround setup
1 x 1920×1200 (WUXGA) @ 60Hz standalone

All monitors have a DVI-D and VGA (analog) input.

I have tried to figure out what adapter cable I need to connect the 3 SXGA monitors to the 3 DP outputs of the graphics card. But there are all kind of cables, like active and passive etc. Also a lot of different stories that some combinations of monitor, adapter cable and graphics card will or won’t work. I suggest that the best option for the WUXGA monitor is to connect it to the DVI-D output of the graphics card with a normal DVI to DVI cable.

Could you advice me what I should choose from the Club 3D adapter cables to use in my situation. Or will my proposed setup never work with any cable ?

Regards, Herman

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3 on 29-03-2017

Hello Herman,

We dont have a GTX1080 here to test with. 
In general: i think the limit of this card is use of 4 screens as 1080p 60Hz. So resolution/bandwidth wise what you want should fit.
SInce the card natively supports 4 screens already there shold be no need for active adapters for the 3 1024p screens. You can just use a “normal/passive” one like CAC-1000 + normal DVI Cable.

But by all means, do check with Nvidia …

on 29-03-2017

Thanks for your help


on 14-04-2017

I have build the system as described and it is working ok!

on 14-04-2017

Cool good to hear 🙂

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