club 3d MST Passive or Active DP (and number of screens)

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I’ve been searching online for a lil while and I can’t seem to find a definite answer.

The Club 3d MST, to be precise the unit that supports 4 inputs, do I need active or passive Displayport adapters?

I don’t want to spend the money on active when passive could have done the job and at the same time I don’t want to buy passive then go back and refund them then but active DP adapters.

Also (and this is a bonus question), I have a simple video card that have 1 DVI input and 1 Display input (2 monitors simultaneously).  With the MST is it the number of inputs on the unit PLUS the non-DP inputs?  As in, the 4 inputs from the MST as mentioned previously plus another from the DVI?

I have the RAM and processing power to support the monitors, and ultimately I’m not focused on HD displays.  This is just for looking at multiple PDFs of blueprints and such

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Hi Buster,

The MST Hub is a DP++ device, so you only need to use passive adapters. The only exception here is when you use a resolution above 1200p then you will require an active adapter.
In regards to your second question, can you tell us what graphics card you have? It really depends on the supported chipset.
For example, for Nvidia GeForce graphics cards the maximum supported displays are 4, it does not matter what combination you make. 
On Radeon graphics you can run a maximum of 6 displays.
When I mention the number of displays supported this is on MST or Multi Stream Transport, each display running independent with their own OS window.
You can run also in SST Single Stream Transport (depending on the graphics chip) which it will mean that you can run lets say 3 screens with a single resolution expanded. So if you have support for 6 MST on a graphics card, you can run 6×3=18 displays. Note that this can be limited due to driver support or graphics chipset.
Please let me know your graphics card make and model and hopefully I can help you.

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GPU currently installed is a ATI Radeon HD 5450

on 03-02-2015

The HD 5450 should have either a VGA/DVI/DP or DVI/HDMI/DP. If you are using either configuration by adding the MST Hub 1-3 or MST 1-4 you can have 5 or 6 displays independent.
Also please note that you have a bandwidth limitation on your HD 5000 series. This series has DP 1.1 specification so make sure what are the resolutions you want to use on the MST Hub. 
In our product page I have detailed a chart under system requirements. Click on this tab to check the supported resolutions as bandwidth increases if you use higher resolutions.
In your case, follow the HBR chart

on 03-02-2015

Awesome. All my questions answered in one quick sweep.
Much appreciated.

on 03-02-2015

Welcome to Insights!

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