Club 3D R9 290 fan issue

Updated on 28-10-2015 in R9 290 Series
1 on 27-10-2015
I have a big issue with fans. Until few days ago all was ok. The card works superb in games and windows.  I have Windows 10 now and when I wanna play a game and at the beginning I saw few artefacts in game. The Catalyst is the last one. I put 3D Mark for test and after few games the system turns off. The fan system is off. In Windows the card works well ant GPU software shows 60-65 degrees and I can work with Lightroom and Photoshop. But in video the system turns off like in 3D Mark. I thing the temperature rising high because the fans issues. I wanna put different BIOS maybe the problem will be over. How I can update the BIOS? OR..can u help me to fix the problem? I must to change the fans? From where?
I put the card in another system but same issue. The fans is stuck
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0 on 28-10-2015

Hi Cezar,
i replied the email you send to the support mailbox.

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