Club 3D radeon R9 390X 8gb fan problem

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I’ve got an issue with my new Club 3D Radeon 390X 8gb graphics card. It’s got a three-fan cooling design, but unfortunately one of the three fans isn’t running at all so far (the one closest to the PSU plug-ins). During startup the two other fans spin for a few seconds before stopping and then during a heavy enough load. No matter the circumstances though, the third stays put.

I’ve tried updating drivers, reverting back to older ones, updting the BIOS, checking the PSU cables and even took out and put back in the graphics card itself in case there were contact errors. The fan doesn’t feel damaged in any way during a quick manual spin, and even if it’s not running my idle temperatures hang around 34-36 celcius and during the heaviest gaming load I currently have (Witcher 3 running at max,though no 4K or other high-end resolutions, just 1920×1080 @ 60hz) the temperatures are around 60-62 celcius and the two working fans start blowing with some noise, which seems normal in itself.

What I wonder is, is the third fan under a configuration that only activates it under a load that I haven’t reached yet? The card’s running stable despite only two fans cooling it (so far, at least). I wasn’t even aware of this card having any type of zero-speed fan system, it isn’t mentioned in the package or specs online,yet that’s exactly what it does under a light enough load, that being no fans running at all.

Another thing I’ve recently noticed is that Radeon Settings in AMD’s Crimson Drivers won’t allow me to manually ramp up the fan speed to test the third fan, everything just resets back to automatic 20% fan speed. Also, programs like CPU-Z and Speed Fan display the RPM of the card’s fans at around 750 000 RPM, which is… bizarre to say the least. This got me thinking that maybe the on-board fan system is faulty.

In any case I’d appreciate any knowledge on what the issue here is, it’s starting to look like irregular behaviour for the card.

Other system specs:

Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
RAM: 16gb (4×4) AMD Gamer Series DDR3
PSU: Chieftec Navitas Series 1000w
Windows 10 64bit

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Hi Git, thank you for joining our forum. Based on the description of the issue in your post, the third, non spinning fan, may be defective. Where did you purchase the card?

on 06-04-2016

At a local computer shop, who buys them from an importer who in turn buys them from… somewhere. Fixing it or getting a replacement’s no issue, they’re willing to send it in for repairs or give me a new card if this one turns out to be beyond repair. I’m merely checking to confirm my suspicions because these new cards have all manner of internal gimmicks in them.

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