Club 3D Worst customer support.. CAC-1180

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Really Arter sending emails for more than a week now and send on their messenger without reply … cant believe such terrible customer experience .

From 16 same email they replied once and her is their reply 

3D club reply “

”Dear Mina ,Thank you for your mail. Have you tried connecting a different HDMI cable? Could you please let us know which HDMI cable you have ?

Best regards

Club3D Support


my email

It’s been now a week and I’m sending you a small problem happens when I blindly purchased your product as people says that your support reply on the spot .. 
I which this time I find someone to reply me back before returning the adapter back to amazon … 

you guys are professional company and I don’t know why I’m sending email since Friday with no answer.

This is my forth message without reply ?! Please advise ASAP. 

I just purchase two days ago CAC-1180 for my Mac mini 2014 connecting with lg  65sk8000
I am getting 4k with 60hz on the default but if I turned the tv off or the Mac restarted I have to disconnect and plug it with Hdmi then reconnect it with the adapter ,
Please advise me what’s the best way to get rid of this issue.

I am using the latest version of Mac OS X 10.14.5 and yes l am getting 4K 60hz with the adapter without SwitchResX or any third party app

The problem is as described earlier when I turn the tv or Mac mini restarts it go to blank screen and I have to unplug and replug the adapter to get it work
Yes I tried with 3 HDMI high speed which work wonderful with my Apple TV and support Dolby Vision … same problem every time my Mac Mini or the Tv shutdown I get no signal !! I have to unplug the adapter then plug the HDMI directly to the Mac mini to get signal then I replug the adapter again to get it work! 

Please please it’s been a week and I am sending emails without any reply so please take my case until we reach a solution. 
As mentioned It’s Mac mini 2014 and latest OS X 
Tv Model LG 65SK8000 
Please advise and waiting for your reply ASAP .
Thanks in advance 
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1 on 19-06-2019

Hi Mina, If you mean Saturday to Monday morning One week – we kind of count that as weekend. Anyhow – it will be nice of you to just reply to our support email without the need of getting so unfriendly here. We have not experience this issue and therefore its hard to troubleshoot a problem which we do not encounter. Good to know the HDMI Cable is good – I will pass it over to our support team. I strongly suggest you continue the support thread. 

on 19-06-2019

Hello , No I mean from last Friday till today which is Wednesday!!! I sent more than 10 email with only one reply ?!
I didn’t meant to b unfriendly and post it here other than I need someone to reply me other than I’m sending sending without any term of reply !
I already again continue for the support threat as you advised and send an email and hopefully Someone reply .

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